The Document Management Group – Document Management & Scanning Services

The Document Management Group provide solutions & services for companies all over the UK, assisting them with solving their long and short term needs for document storage, archive filing & in-house systems.

Our business is divided into 4 connected areas, which are:

Document Systems
Support for Software
Scanner Repair
Scanning Bureau & Storage

We are an innovative, experienced and highly skilled Document Management company, specialising in providing solutions and support for all paper based and electronic documentation.

We complement this with our document scanning bureau, which includes the collection of your paper based files and returning them back to you, scanned & fully indexed on retrieval media (CD/DVD/USB) for fast access of your documents on your company PC’s.

We have specialised for many years, in the supply and support of document management solutions.

Our highly respected software consultants & technical specialists, have specific expertise in Scanfile, FileDirector , Alchemy, Canon Therefore and are often called upon to assist others within this industry sector for support & consultancy.

The limitations of a paper based filing system, can easily be eradicated, by the introduction of a high-speed document scanner and an effective document management software package.

This system, can totally transform your working environment,office ambiance,staff functionality and with the reduction of your existing filing cabinets, free up valuable office space.

The many operational benefits gained, include:

  • Ease of document distribution, with the required information being instantly available
  • Immediate access to clients, customers or suppliers documentation Increased operational efficiency, multiple staff can have access to the same document at the same time
  • No need for re-filing in old style cabinets
  • Access of documents via mobile phones & tablets
  • Secure access for files & documents to those with approved access rights only
  • Secure documentation back up, against loss from theft, fire, flood, acts of terrorism etc.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and let us help you implement the best solution for your business and allow us take pride in offering impartial, objective, independent and cost effective advice.