Business Process Management (BPMS) for FileDirector

A Business Process Management System, often shorted to “BPMS”, is a tool for IT administrators within a business. It allows them to automate or shorten the chain of a certain process within that business, thus saving time and money.

BPMS in Document Management Systems

In terms of a document management system, BPMS is useful for routing digital documents. For example, for multi-departmental businesses, certain types of documents may need to be stored in various folders or even different servers across a network.

If office administration staff and reception desks receive the bulk of your business’ post, then they are able to sort and scan those documents. With business process management set up, these documents can be sent automatically to the desired places.

Though, IT administrators can add steps into a process management system for added control in FileDirector. These steps can include “approve and/or reject”, “add comment” or simply “view”. This is useful, as the human eye can spot errors more readily than an automation workflow. Plus, you may need certain staff members to act before a document is saved or sent to particular destinations.

BPMS in Document Scanners

Very simplistic BPMS features can even be found in some capture software provided with modern document scanners. Make sure to request information on this whenever purchasing a document scanner.

These features often include a choice of pre-existing folders, emails or cloud destinations set up as the default destination. Some document scanners themselves have either an LCD display to show this workflow, or they offer “one-touch” scan buttons on the front.

Please note that these features will not allow additional steps to be added and are not as secure or advanced as BPMS found in document management systems.

An example of a document workflow built in FileDirector

Need More Info?

If you need more information regarding the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch. The Document Management Group has years of experience in assisting businesses of all sizes implement document systems, workflow routes and business process management.

We offer full training for key staff members, either remotely or in person, to set up new features within Scanfile or FileDirector.

Read Spielberg’s official datasheet on its business process management module within FileDirector & ScanFile v10