Canon Scanners – Leading UK Supplier

The Document Management Group are the leading supplier of Canon scanners in the UK. Plus, we are a registered Gold Partner for Canon scanner repair and service.

Canon are one of the most trusted manufacturers of document scanners, with a long history of releasing the highest quality scanning hardware and document capture software available.

Canon Gold Partner 2019 Certificate

Our History with Canon Scanners

The Document Management Group have a long history of working with Canon. Our founding members worked for Canon during its formative years of providing document scanners and document management systems to the UK, in the 1980’s.


We still have close relationships with many of Canon’s current workers and can offer the very best support and advice.

When it comes to the sale and supply of a Canon document scanner and associated document management software solution, look no further.

Canon’s full range of latest and best document scanners can be found on The Scanner Shop.

Canon Scanner Repair and Service

The Document Management Group is also listed as a Canon Gold Partner for service and consumable parts supply. This includes expert scanner repair and scanner maintenance for Canon scanners.

We service Canon scanners up and down the UK and can provide maintenance support for both A4 and A3 scanners with high capacity paper outputs, such as the Canon DR-G1100 and new Canon DR-G2110.

Canon are the trusted manufacturer of high speed document scanners for those in mailroom or government post and scanning bureaus. We have service contracts with multiple councils, NHS offices and policing departments in the UK but can offer support to small businesses with lower paper handling requirements as well.

If you require a Canon scanner service or repair, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to offer advice and scanner repair on a one-off call out basis, as well as offering excellent value long-term scanner support.

Our Awards from Canon

As mentioned above, we are a registered Gold Partner for scanner repair, scanner service and scanner distribution since 2019. We have consistently achieved great things with Canon. In 2018, we were awarded the Advanced Scanning Solutions award. We are also a recognised member of the Canon Partner Programme, which allows us to acquire and distribute consumable parts for Canon scanners

Canon Advanced Scanning Solutions Registered Partner Award