A distinguished ‘Royal society’

Project Situation & Challenges

Another of our high priority clients, this customer, initially purchased a Scanfile document management solution to store their membership records.

Solutions & Benefits (Products Used)


After many years of success with their initial system, this has now been upgraded to the FileDirector system, which enables them to cover multiple sites and has expanded to cover all areas of their business, enabling different department’s to increase security when accessing their own records.

Input into the FileDirector document management system is & where appropriate, by dedicated document scanners, multi-function devices (MFD’s), emails, Microsoft Office Documents sent in directly from within Office, other documents such as PDF’s dragged and dropped in, or scheduled & brought in from ‘Hot folders’ monitored by the system e.g. anything ‘Finance related’ would be brought into appropriate Finance area of the FileDirector document management system.

The Solution & Execution

The benefits of the above solution, has been the ease of use, the removal of bulky filing cabinets, no re-filing mistakes, the ability to backup their documents and the ability to answer queries very quickly when someone calls resulting in cost savings, by not having to go look for paper and call the person back and very important, a secure & professional solution for all of their files/documents.