Health Care Provider

Project Situation & Challenges

A Major ‘Health Care’ provider – Health care is one of the most sensitive areas where client data has to be kept in a safe, secure and auditable manner.

Our client, who provides up to one million members, chose FileDirector, to store their member’s health records.

Solutions & Benefits (Products Used)

FileDirectors’s ease of use, very rich feature set and total cost, were major factors in the decision to purchase & utilise this system within their organisation.

Once installed & configured, the FileDirector system was then expanded, from membership records, to cover all areas of their business and this has resulted in increased speed & efficiency, through the internal delivery of documents, by integration & utilisation of their own in-house system.

The eradication of hard copy paper files has released many square feet of expensive office space over to a more productive usage and there are other telling benefits relating to increased efficiency and security.

The Solution & Execution

No longer are staff wasting valuable time conducting abortive searches for mis-filed documentation or files that are held in another colleagues possession and due to the systems reliability and robustness, FileDirector has been positively received & welcomed by their in-house IT department.

Finally, the fileDirector system now also forms a major part of their ‘Disaster Recovery’ plan which provide assurance for up to a million customer records & associated paperwork which is now securely backed up against loss from theft,fire,flood,acts of terrorism, etc…