Major Electrical Supplier

Project Situation & Challenges

A company that conducts electrical rewires to council properties in the North-West of England.


A big administration and cost to them, was an issue they had from council employees from various councils, who repeatably used to ring their office & frequently asking, if rewires or projects had been completed on various properties and could they have copies of the certificates or relevant documentation, of on-going or completed work, sent to them (these were originally posted or faxed at even more expense!). This was extremely time consuming for staff and therefore very costly for our client.

Solutions & Benefits (Products Used)

Following the introduction of the FileDirector document management system and a Canon high speed document scanner, the relevant certification and documentation was scanned onto the FileDirector system and indexed by job reference & property address.

Each council was given access to their companies server, via the secure webserver module and on entering a unique password, which was provided for each council individually, they could “log on” and view and print documentation pertaining to their properties only.

A secure password controlled access, ensured that each council could only access their own documentation and not see each other’s documentation.

The Solution & Execution

This action, resulted in a quicker & controlled response to the customer query and increased efficiency all round.

Our client have also gained further usage from FileDirector by adding, HR, customer records and accounts to their system over the course of time and again, which has enabled them to gain great benefit from their FileDirector system.