Cloud Document Storage

The Document Management Group are able to offer clients cloud document storage, with a cloud document management system.

Why Choose a Cloud Document Management System?


Maybe you wish to store data in the cloud so the it can be accessed from anywhere, but without expensive or complex network infrastructure?

Online document storage software tools are easy to access from remote locations. Perfect for hybrid working where remote access to important business documentation is required.

Document Management Storage – Paperless Office Solution

Unlock document management storage in the cloud. The perfect paperless office solution for your business.

Our cloud based document management solutions are designed to operate and behave as though the document management software and the documents stored inside are all located on your own local PC.

As well as FileDirector and Therefore cloud document management systems, we can also offer network support and advice on a range of cloud based document management storage software.

We aim to support both large and small business document management systems and offer a wide range of knowledge and software tools for every type of customer.