What is a COLD system in Document Management?

A COLD system (Computer Output to Laser Disc) is a term originally coined in the early days of the document management sphere. COLD systems describe a particular function of document management systems, by which raw data found within a document is scanned, then converted into a digital format and saved onto memory drive.

What type of digital memory can be supported now?

Originally, this memory drive would have been specifically a ‘laser disc’. However, as time goes on and digital memory device technology advances, the term has grown much wider. Digital memory devices can now be anything from a plug in USB-drive, Blu-Ray or CD-ROM.

Why use COLD if I have a document management system?

A COLD system is essential to electronic document management systems, as it allows users to convert digital files to physical memory. Digital memory comes at a cost and large amount of data stored on a company server can slow it down. For companies who are required by law to store huge amounts of information for a set period of time, this is a hinderance. Therefore, a COLD system is crucial.

Think of medical records, architectural drawings, and financials. These documents are kept by governments and banks for hundreds of years for referral. With a COLD system, paper documents can not only be converted into digital format, but then also back to physical. However, now they are in the form of a very compact memory storage device, such as a CD.

Document Management Systems with COLD systems

FileDirector offers COLD systems with both of its SME and Enterprise options. These server-based options of FileDirector can be scaled to suit your business needs. Both come with a good range of included and optional modules which are completely customisable. Though, COLD is included in the price of both – meaning you will never need to ask for it!

We offer full training, installation and ongoing support for FileDirector document management system and have a long track record of improving the document management of both governmental offices and private businesses. Please contact us if you wish to find out more.

Does a COLD system apply to Cloud?

A COLD system does not apply to cloud document management systems, as information is stored within the cloud. In FileDirector Cloud, documents can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world – given you have the access to do so. Memory can be purchased additionally as your data storage is scaled up. This makes FileDirector Cloud the perfect solution for any business looking to store data