High Speed Scanner Drivers

A fast scanner requires a high speed scanner drivers when paired to a comprehensive document management system. FileDirector offers high speed scanner drivers as an optional module.

What are Scanner Drivers?

Put simply, scanner drivers allow a scanner to connect and communicate with a computer or server. Once the driver is installed to a lead computer, the computer will then be able to recognise the document scanner when connected via USB or wireless internet connection – if you own a wifi scanner.

The document scanner will then be able to scan and send information to your computer, in order for it to be displayed to you. You can then choose a range of destinations for it to be saved.

TWAIN Drivers

The most popular scanner drivers are TWAIN drivers, though not all scanners will accept TWAIN. Some require their own manufacturer-based drivers. Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners are some of the most popular examples of this, as they provide their own ScanSnap drivers with all their sold hardware.

If you own a network scanner, there are a varied amount of server based drivers you can download. For example TWAIN Direct is a mobile-ready version of the standard protocol, eliminating the need for a driver to be installed at operating system (OS) level.

This allows for connection via applications, whether they be desktop, mobile or browser based.

Kodak Alaris fast scanner in office environment

Fast Scanner Drivers

High speed scanners are used in most scanning departments of government offices or mailrooms of private businesses. Many industries, including finance & legal; construction & manufacturing, and logistics firms require masses of documents to be scanned every week.

For this, they often turn to us to supply them with a fast document scanner or a UK-based paper scanning service. Some of the leading suppliers of fast scanners are Canon and Kodak Alaris.

Drivers for fast scanners are often supplied within the hardware sale. However, if you need to maximise your document management and workflow management, you should consider pairing with a document management system, such as FileDirector. FileDirector supplies its own high speed scanner driver module to allow for faster upload speeds to the system.

This, in turn, provides better value for money and faster access times. Along with the most secure database structure in the world – provided by Microsoft SQL.

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