Kodak Scanners – Kodak Alaris Range Available

Kodak scanners are some of the highest quality document scanners on the market and they are renowned for their unbeatable image quality.

We are proud to be a registered Kodak Alaris Partner and supply the whole Kodak scanner range through our e-commerce website, The Scanner Shop

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Why Choose Kodak Scanners? Perfect Page Scanning Software!

Kodak Alaris scanners are of some of the best scanners available to buy. They offer both A4 and A3 scanners, plus advanced networkable scanners too.


Kodak provide scanner software, Perfect Page, with their document scanner range. This is an included piece of image enhancement software. It runs in the background, automatically enhancing the displayed image of scanned documents.

For example, if:

  • your document has paper punches
  • your document is printed on coloured paper
  • your document has been scrunched up

Then Perfect Page will remove these issues for you. This leaves you with a crisp, clean document displayed on the computer.

Not only does this scanner software reduce the need for time consuming rescan, but also saves your clients or colleagues time when reading in future.

This makes Kodak scanners the perfect choice for multi-departmental businesses.

Pairing Kodak Scanners with a Document Management System

You can pair any Kodak Alaris scanner with one of our best document management systems.

FileDirector will allow you to save scanned images in structured folders before retrieving at a later date. You can utilise many advanced document management software features within both cloud and server versions.

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