A2 Scanners & Buying Other Large Format Scanners

A Large format scanner allows a user to scan documents in A2, A1 or A0 size. They are unique in design due to their wide format scanning style.

In this post, we will discuss the various questions we are asked when discussing large format scanning and offer some solutions for those looking to purchase an A1 scanner or A2 scanner. Plus, offer a solution for those looking into a bespoke large format scanning service.

Buying a large format scanner – what does it look like?

Example of large format scanner

It is important to note that A2 scanners and above are naturally a wide format so that they can scan the full width of the document. However, they can sometimes take up a smaller footprint within the office when compared to an A2 flatbed scanner, because their total surface area is lower.

A typical large format scanner will be sheet-fed, meaning it does not offer large flatbed style scanning. One document at a time is fed into the machine and scanned at a delicate pace in order to capture full document detail and also protect the document.

Finally, a dedicated large format scanner is different to a large format printer or MFP, as the scanning equipment within the machine is the main focus, so offers improved quality and output.

Best large format and A2 scanners in 2021

Colortrac Large Format Scanners

Colortac scanners were the first we added to our range, and we believe they provide some of the highest quality scanning available on the market.

They offer two ranges, the SmartLF SGi and SmartLF SCi.

  • The SCi range offers single sensor CIS technology, making it more suitable for technical documents. We would suggest this scanner for those in architecture or planning.
  • The SGi range offer CCD technology, offering greater image capture quality when relating to graphic documents with high-quality colour and design detail. These would be ideal scanners for artwork or those in the graphic design industry.

Both units offer units in monochrome, colour and express-colour versions. Monochrome units only scan black and white, whilst colour units scan full colour. Express colour units scan full colour with greater speed, for scanning departments or private scanning companies with high demand for document digitisation.

You can also purchase a range of wide format scanner accessories to improve your paperless office or scanning service work space.

Contex Large Format Scanners

On the other hand, Contex scanners are the industry heavyweight in large format scanning and have been producing units for many years. We have recently added Contex SD One+ scanners to our catalogue and have seen great demand for them.

The Contex SD One 24 is a 24-inch-wide scanner, which allows for A2 scanning. It can be purchased alongside the Contex scanner stand and paper catch basket to further improve office ergonomics. On the other hand, the Contex SD One 36 is a 36-inch-wide A1 scanner. Again, this unit can be paired with accessories and is the type of scanner you would find in professional scanning services in the UK.

Large Format Scanning Services in the UK

Large format scanning, and particularly A0 scanning, is usually outsourced to professional scanning companies in a local area. As most businesses do not own a large format scanning or large flatbed scanner, they find local large format scanning services and send their documents off to be scanned and transformed into a range of digital files.

The Document Management Group offers one of the best large format document scanning services in the UK. Our head office is in Warrington, in England’s Northwest and we have offered our services to a range of government and private sector customers across the UK.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to buying a large format scanner, you can contact our professional scanning service and they will discuss your job requirements. We are able to scan any number of documents, before returning to you in indexed folders on a range of physical memory or digital cloud formats.

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