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The postroom or mailroom is a hub of vital information where documents are scanned, stored or digitally transferred. We are offering tips for Mailroom scanning now that staff members returning from post coronavirus lockdown restrictions. These include the best document management software and hardware for handling an influx of paperwork in 2022 and a national document scanning service.

What is a Mailroom or Postroom?

A mailroom, sometimes referred to as a postroom, is an area within departmental business where incoming documents and paperwork are handled and organised.

However, we are seeing a growing number of businesses search for new ways of organising their documents now that business leaders are looking to turn their workspaces into environmentally friendly paperless offices or paper-light office.

Mailroom Scanning Solutions

Your mailroom will need a fast A3 scanner to deal with lots of inbound documents. At The Document Management Group, we recommend either Canon scanners or Kodak scanners.

Kodak A3 Scanners

Kodak scanners are some of the best quality available to purchase in 2022. They offer Perfect Page driver technology, which enhances the quality of scanned media and reduces the need for rescan. Their latest S3 range offer a versatile range of solutions for mailroom scanning.

The S3060 and S3100 can both be purchased as standard, or with inbuilt A4 flatbeds. They also offer network connectivity and the latest in paper handling technology. Couple this with an impressive 300 sheet feed and your mailroom could benefit a great deal from a new Kodak scanner.

Canon A3 Scanners

Canon produce an excellent range of document scanners and are one of the most trusted brands in the industry, having produced scanners for over 25 years. The Canon Image Formula DR-G2 series are some of the fastest scanners available to buy.

The Canon DR-G2110 and Canon DR-G2140 both offer 500 sheet feeds and USB-3.0 connectivity for quick upload, with network connectivity also available.

See our Kodak vs Canon A3 Scanners Comparison Sheet

How Can a Document Management System Improve Mailroom Scanning?

The foundation of a well organised business is a well organised mailroom. Our document management system, Filedirector, offers many features to help coordinate your paperwork and document workflows.

By digitising your office paperwork, you can then upload digital files into FileDirector. FileDirector can be accessed from any connected computer or tablet for greater access across a network.

Furthermore, documents can be found at the touch of a button with Searchable PDF’s, created using OCR technology.

Contact us to find out more on FileDirector.

My Business Does not Offer Mailroom Scanning

Smaller businesses still have staff who were forced to work from home, each with their own stack of paperwork needing to be scanned and organised.

If your business does not have a mailroom, do not worry. The Document Management Group offers one of the best document scanning services in the UK. We can take your documents away to be scanned and digitally stored within structured folders on a range of memory or cloud formats.

We operate from Warrington, in the North West, but offer our services nationally.

If you have a large batch of documents that need to be organised, get in touch with our team who will be able to guide you through the process and discuss a bespoke price for our document scanning service.

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