Postroom & Mailroom Scanning in 2021 | Paperless Office

The postroom or mailroom is a hub of vital information where documents are scanned, stored or digitally transferred. We are offering tips for Mailroom scanning now that staff members returning from post coronavirus lockdown restrictions. These include the best document management software and hardware for handling an influx of paperwork in 2021 and a national… Read more »

A2 Scanners & Buying Other Large Format Scanners

A Large format scanner allows a user to scan documents in A2, A1 or A0 size. They are unique in design due to their wide format scanning style. In this post, we will discuss the various questions we are asked when discussing large format scanning and offer some solutions for those looking to purchase an… Read more »

A Paperless Office still needs a Document Management System in 2021

A document management system should be a crucial feature of all serious, multi-departmental business operations, even if they are a paperless office. These systems allow for the movement, storage and retrieval of precious business documentation and save countless hours in administration not only during retrieval but also in document proof and security. A paperless office… Read more »

What is a COLD system in Document Management?

A COLD system (Computer Output to Laser Disc) is a term originally coined in the early days of the document management sphere. COLD systems describe a particular function of document management systems, by which raw data found within a document is scanned, then converted into a digital format and saved onto memory drive. What type… Read more »

Spielberg launch FileDirector Form Designer

Spielberg have launched a new module for their hugely successful document management solution, FileDirector, called Form Designer. This new module allows the user to easily create digital forms that can be shared with colleagues to be filled out on a range of devices, such as computer, tablets or smart phones. Watch the video below to… Read more »

Scanfile V10 is here! Improved Security & Access

Scanfile v10 is here and with it come a host of new upgrades and features, which will improve users’ workflow systems and ease administrators’ security queries. Improved Security and Updated Operating System in Scanfile V10 The new version, originally launched in 2018 is a flexible document management solution created by Spielberg, offering users a complete… Read more »

Our Bureau Scanning Service: Return to Work, Save Space!

Returning to The Office – Complying with Social Distancing As this summer begins to draw to a close, businesses will need to consider how to reintroduce their staff to the office environment in a post-lockdown world where we must all be mindful of one another’s space. Children will be returning to school in September, meaning… Read more »

Making Tax Digital: How Document Scanners Will Help Your Business

  HMRC’s Making Tax Digital plan is a paperless scheme, designed to move the UK’s self-employed towards digital tax returns. Making Tax Digital for business involves keeping digital records of important tax documentation and using accounting software to complete tax returns. Eventually, paper records won’t meet the requirements of tax legislation.   What Does This… Read more »

GDPR Policy

Following on from the GDPR legislation coming into effect from 25th May 2018, please note, no personal data or access to your personal data, is held or obtained,on any of our Systems & Servers within our company. If you request our systems team to access your PC’s, Systems or Servers, this is only allowed, at… Read more »

Choosing a Document Management System

Document Management Systems are experiencing a rise in demand in the UK, due to small and large business needs to be more time efficient, cost-effective and waste conscious. These systems are designed to digitise physical paper documents (such as VAT receipts, personnel records, return & delivery sheets) into various types of electronic files, like PDF’s,… Read more »