A Paperless Office still needs a Document Management System in 2022

A document management system should be a crucial feature of all serious, multi-departmental business operations, even if they are a paperless office. These systems allow for the movement, storage and retrieval of precious business documentation and save countless hours in administration not only during retrieval but also in document proof and security.

A paperless office can especially benefit from the advanced software feature of a document management system, by implementing structured document workflows and allow for the storage of additional electronic files.

Furthermore, in 2022, we should be ever more conscious about making the transition from paper-based to digital workspaces. This is not only healthier for the environment, but also healthier for us as workers, in a post-pandemic world.

We are already a paperless office – why do I need a document management system?

There are three huge reasons why every business, whether they be paperless or not, can benefit from a comprehensive document management software package.

Handling Post

Firstly, if your department handles post, then it is not truly paperless. Therefore, receiving important business documentation – such as delivery notes, bills or contracts – via post can be a risky process when considering how to store and then send the documentation to the correct person. Items can get lost and damaged in between or certain people could make notes on or around the document before its final destination but with no record of when a note was created.

By providing your department with a simple scanner and document management system, staff can easily scan documents before digitally storing within the system for storage in structured folders. Then, documents can easily be emailed or printed to be sent on.

Alternatively, in FileDirector, a document workflow can be set up by IT administrators, with the help of The Document Management Group, to automate the process of handling and sending. A staff member can simply scan the document and enter it into the FileDirector workflow to ensure that any type of document can follow a pre-set path and find its final destination without the need for human intervention.

Storing Digital Documents and Emails

Secondly, you may already have a scanning solution in your office with structured digital folders to scan in to, but there is an array of features that can provide further assistance to your document management process by acquiring a document management system.

First of all, you can store digital files, such as emails or digital contracts and images within FileDirector. FileDirector can store any type of file – including JPEG, .txt, Microsoft Office files and PDFs – in its system for retrieval and can even group together certain file types should you wish.

Furthermore, with the above discussed workflows, administrators can even build in stopping points for key staff members to approve or decline documentation mid-flow to ensure efficiency or digitally sign off on important matters. Forms can be created from scratch, then stored and sent to multiple destinations using FormDesigner.

An example of a document workflow built in FileDirector

Instant Retrieval from Anywhere with Cloud Systems

Finally, if you wish to select a cloud-based document management system, you have the ability to access documentation from anywhere in the world. Though, this does not come at the cost of security as FileDirector is built upon the Microsoft SQL Azure platform. Microsoft Azure SQL is the most secure access database in the world and gives IT administrators the piece of mind they need when storing important business documentation in a cloud environment.

Get in Touch with The Document Management Group

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