Scanner Repair Parts – Roller Kits & Consumables

The Document Management Group are proud to supply genuine scanner repair parts, in the form of scanner roller kits and consumables.

What is a Scanner Roller Kit?

Scanner rollers are the internal replacement parts within a sheet-fed or ADF scanner. They look like small tyres and are designed to pull batched documents through the feed one at a time in order to prevent double feeds and skewed scanning.

They are generally made of rubber and foam. Therefore, over time, the ink and chemicals printed on a document can stick to the rollers, causing the rubber to deter and the foam to expand.

Scanner rollers kits are fairly inexpensive, depending on the machine you’ve purchased. Each unit generally has its own corresponding scanner repair part or parts, but some manufacturers roller kits apply to a whole range of document scanners.

Scanner roller kits usually comprise of two or three rollers. One or two rollers will pull forwards and these are known as “pick” rollers. Whereas, the final roller, known as the “brake” roller rotates in the opposite direction, which allows the scanner to pull just one document through its feed per scan.

How do I replace a scanner repair part?

First of all, we recommend replacing the rollers in your document scanner at least on an annual basis. If you leave it longer than this, you run the risk of causing prolonged damage to the scanner which means you may need to replace the whole unit!

Two images of same scanner. Closed on left and opened on right to display roller kits inside

Every document scanner is designed slightly differently, but in a general sense all ADF scanners offer an easy way for the user to open the machine up and view the internal mechanism. Once this is done, simply pop the old rollers out of the machine and replace them with the new ones.

It is important to note that flatbed scanners or overhead scanners do not require rollers and so the above information does not apply to those types of scanner.

Where can I buy scanner repair parts and roller kits?

The Document Management Group supply genuine scanner repair parts and roller kits through our e-commerce platform, The Scanner Shop. The Scanner Shop is the UK’s leading scan dedicated retailor and supplies all the latest and best scanners from the top business scanner manufacturers in the UK.

You can purchase Canon scanner roller kits, amongst other big name manufacturers such as Fujitsu, Kodak Alaris, Epson and Brother repair parts, roller kits and accessories.

Need further scanner repair assistance?

If you have already replaced the rollers in your documents scanner and find that it is still working incorrectly, feel free to give us a call for document scanner repair or scanner maintenance.

We offer both one-off scanner repair services and ongoing scanner maintenance packages in order to support your document scanner and business operation as best as possible. So give one of our friendly advisors a call today or get in touch via email