Canon Scanner Software & Drivers

How to Optimise your Canon Scanner

This page is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your new or refurbished Canon scanner. We will guide you through the scanner driver downloads & installation, plus offer set-up and instruction manuals.

We also have a section with commonly asked questions or requested features. A lot of the customers we supply to are not technically minded when it comes to software. Therefore, we will suggest some quick tips that you can easily take advantage of within Canon Capture Perfect or Canon Capture On Touch in order to improve your daily scanning processes.

Before we start, remember to bookmark this webpage! That way, you will always have a quick route to your Canon scanner drivers should you ever need to redownload or view tips again. You can bookmark our page at the top of your web browser. For example, in Google Chrome, simply press the star at the top right until it turns blue.

Downloading Canon Scanner Drivers

A scanner driver allows your computer to recognise your scanner and permits access for files to be transferred. You do not necessarily see or view a driver and it rarely has any functions beyond this connection establishment. Before you do anything, you’ll need to download and install the correct driver for your new Canon scanner.

To do this, simply click for Canon Scanner Drivers.

Your new scanner will most likely be listed under “imageFORUMLA DR”, so click that. Then, find your scanner from the list and click that too.

Drivers will appear first and the Canon website should detect your operating system automatically, so if this is done correctly then simply press “Download” towards the bottom right and you can go through the on-screen instructions to install the drivers.

If your computer does not automatically register your operating system, then select your operating system from the drop-down list. If you do not know your operating system, this can be found within the settings of your computer or laptop.

For Windows PC’s, this can be found by clicking the Start button, then Settings. The select System and scroll down to About. Your system details will be listed here.

Downloading Canon Scanner Software

Downloading scanner software is the next step. Software differs to a driver as it allows the user to view a scanned document within a dashboard. In the case of Canon scanners, this is often either Capture Perfect or Capture On Touch.

Within Capture Perfect or Capture On Touch, you can perform a wide range of actions in order to edit your document. You can also alter file output, DPI, scan-speed and other settings. We will cover this further down in the article.

But first, to download the software available for your Canon scanner, follow the same steps as above, under Downloading Canon Scanner Drivers.

Click to download Canon scanner software

Again, find and select your scanner from the website. However, once this is done, you’ll need to select Software as opposed to Drivers.

Just like before, the Canon website should locate your operating system If it does not, follow the steps above, under Downloading Canon Scanner Drivers.

You will be able to view all the available scanning software for your new scanner. We would recommend downloading the latest version of any available software packages as these should perform the best.

Scanning with Capture Perfect: Time Saving Tips

Scanning in Colour or Black & White

You may need to choose between scanning in colour or black and white when dealing with different document types. For basic archive scanning in greyscale, “256 Level Grey” at 240dpi will give good results. Likewise, 24-bit colour at 240dpi will also give good results.

However, if you would prefer to scan in black and white at lower file sizes, then 200dpi is enough for regular business documents and paperwork.

You can lower resolutions and colour type within settings.

Page Size

Capture Perfect can be set to various paper sizes, up to A3 if you have an A3 scanner. Setting the paper size option to “Match Original Size” will display scans as they appear in real life, with no added background.

Scanning Side – Single- or Double-Sided Scanning & Blank Page Skip

Capture Perfect can be set to scan only one side of the document (simplex) or both sides (duplex). Additionally, when scanning in duplex, select “Blank Page Skip” to eliminate any blank front or back pages from display. This feature can greatly speed up your scanning process.

Automatically Straighten Skewed Documents & Border Removal

Within Capture Perfect, you can tick the option to “Automatically Straighten Skewed”. This will prevent your documents from being displayed at a less than 90-degree angle. This is found within the “Basic” tab.

Likewise, you can find “Border Removal” within the “Image Processing” tab. Ticking this option eliminates unsightly edges to the scanned image.

Text Orientation & Rapid Recovery System – Batch Scan Tips

When scanning large batches, there are some features found within the “Others” tab that can greatly improve speed of processing.

Under the Document Orientation drop-down, select “Text Orientation Recognition”. This feature will allow the scanner to understand the text written on the document and determine the correct orientation.

Documents will then be displayed in the right orientation.

In the rare occasion of a paper jam, the Rapid Recovery System option will allow the scanner to recover the position of the jammed pages and continue from that point where possible.

Scanner Support & Maintenance

The above are just some of the many features that Canon Capture Perfect scanner software can offer to improve your document scanning workflow.

If you need further support with your new Canon scanner, The Document Management Group offer remote support and annual maintenance for document scanners and document management systems.

Our support packages include preventative maintenance, where scanners are cleaned and serviced, plus full remote support for any technical queries.

If your scanner is in need of new roller replacement parts, you can purchase them from our e-commerce website The Scanner Shop. Roller parts are sold as kits, with all rollers parts that you need included. These should be changed at least once per annum, depending on use. This is to maintain a good pull within the sheet-feeder when loading lots of batched documents.

For more information, please contact us.