Capture Perfect

Capture Perfect software

Capture Perfect is the complete document imaging software from Canon, that provides multi functionality, maximum scanning performance and enables viewing, sending, printing and saving documents.

This imaging software, which is ISIS compliant, automates the image capture process and provides consistent high quality scans from even when the most difficult originals.

Click to Purchase Canon Capture Perfect SoftwareScanning Functions

  • Scanned images saved to specified file folders
  • Print images to any available printer
  • Scan direct to E-mail

Editing Functions

  • Insert, add or replace scanned images into existing PDF or TIFF files
  • Combine or extract specified pages to create or consolidate multi page files.

Display Functions

  • The order of images can be changed by simple drag and drop operations
  • Display can be split to display multiple images at the same time.

PDF & OCR Functions

  • Encryption of scanned images and control rights for printing and editing are available in PDF security settings.
  • Create searchable PDFs with embedded OCR.
  • Compress PDF’s to save file space.

Advanced Functions

  • File names from barcodes, imprinter and OCR results are automatically generated.
  • Monitor file size capacity of target folders
  • Barcode and OCR recognition functions are saved in log files
  • Scanning with Multistream function generates multiple image files

Other scanning functions include:

  • Text Enhancement
  • De-Skew Scan to PDF
  • Pre-scan Scan to Mail
  • Image rotation Scan to Print
  • OCR Scan to File
  • Colour drop out
  • Smoothing