FileDirector – a Document Management System




FileDirector Overview

File Director is a document management system, offering the very latest security and workflow management features from a scanning software package in the UK.

Spielberg’s FileDirector is the document management system for your business. Whether you use a home office, a small regional office or enterprise size business (with needs for a large inter-departmental document & records management solution). FileDirector can be tailored and scaled to your specific requirements, with a choice of cloud or server integration and a large range of optional modules to enhance your document management.

FileDirector can be provided and installed in three ways. These are:

  1. FileDirector SBE (Small Business Edition): Aimed at small business use with up to 15 licences included built into your company’s server
  2. FileDirector Enterprise Edition: Designed for larger companies with a need for more than 15 licences. Gain unlimited access across your departments and locations.
  3. FileDirector Cloud: An unlimited option built onto the Spielberg Cloud Database, designed for businesses with a preference for subscription based cloud services. All options include Full Audit Trail and Life Cycle Management, amongst other features and drivers. FileDirector Cloud is secured with Microsoft Azure, for peace of mind. Click here to view the FileDirector Cloud Datasheet

All three versions offer Full Audit Trail, Life Cycle Management, SDK and Twain Scanner Drivers. Whilst the SME & Enterprise server-based software offers COLD system integration.