Scanfile – A Document Management System

ScanFile is an easy-to-use, powerful document management system that grows with your business. Offering many features normally found in large scales solutions, ScanFile is the ideal platform to manage your documents and data.

ScanFile software has a host of standard features that allow you to design and create document storage folders and then scan, send and import documents to them. Search and document viewing tools are comprehensive, yet accessible.

Furthermore, ScanFile is designed to be modular, so that you only have to purchase the features (or modules) your business requires. These purchased modules then integrate seamlessly into the core application. (Click on Optional Modules below to view all)

Finally, ScanFile supports a vast range of document scanners and includes several features to allow storage of electronic format documents in over 200 different document types, including familiar formats such as TIFF, JPG, PDF and Microsoft Office files. It also offers navigation aids, so that you can quickly scroll through documents and enlarge or reorient documents at the click of a mouse.

ScanFile Version 10

ScanFile V10 maintains all the fantastic features of ScanFile V9, whilst incorporating a raft of new security functions and upgrades. ScanFile V10 is a flexible, robust and proven platform for archiving, indexing and searching your documents.

Setting up document archives can be done in no time at all. You can create as many archives as you need and have these stored on various storage locations (workstations or network drives).

In addition, ScanFile v10 has moved from an access-style database, to that of an SQL database. Overall, this increases access time and adds a higher level of security than found in previous versions. You can also choose for ScanFile v10 to be backed up a Microsoft Azure Cloud server. This is one of the most secure systems in the world and offers your business the opportunity to access data remotely.

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ScanFile vs FileDirector Document Management System

ScanFile version 10, produced by Spielberg, shares many similarities in function with FileDirector. FileDirector is also produced by Spielberg and can be sold as a cloud based document management system.

One crucial difference however, is that ScanFile document management system is built upon an Access database, whereas FileDirector is built upon a SQL database.

If you have a current ScanFile system, you should consider upgrading to version 10. However, if you do not currently own a document management system and are looking to implement one, we recommend FileDirector.

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