Therefore Document Management System


On average, office workers spend over 50 minutes per day trying to find information. This is not only frustrating, it’s a drain on productivity. The Therefore™ solution from Canon gives everyone instant and secure access to all the information they need. Documents can be automatically routed and tracked through a business to increase process efficiency.

· Secure and effective storage and retrieval
· Instant access to critical information
· Increased productivity and improved regulatory compliance

Display of Therefore Software Dashboard

Easy filing with a Therefore Document Management System

Therefore enables you to structure all of your business-critical information. With it, you can search, retrieve, view, sort, group and distribute documents; you can instantly capture, organise and access any content as well as design automated workflows in order to streamline critical business processes. Therefore’s system is easy to use, so staff require minimal training

Electronically file all types of information

With Therefore document management system, users can output scanned images to a wide range of file types. So formatting should never be an issue when digitally storing any kind of important documentation

Help for Regulatory Compliance

To help your business meet document compliance regulations and GDPR, official Therefore servers automatically apply digital signatures to every document.

A Document Management System Fit for your business

Therefore is totally scalable. With no customisation or programming required it can be typically implemented in no more than a week including full training. Administrators can be assigned to centrally configure and define business rules.