Spielberg launch FileDirector Form Designer

Spielberg have launched a new module for their hugely successful document management solution, FileDirector, called Form Designer.

This new module allows the user to easily create digital forms that can be shared with colleagues to be filled out on a range of devices, such as computer, tablets or smart phones. Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to create and sign forms with FileDirector.

Create sleek, professional forms quickly and easily to suit any purpose. Invoices, pro-formas, purchase orders and delivery sheets are some of the many forms that can be created in just a few simple steps. These can then be emailed to relevant staff or even sent to print for handouts.

FileDirector Form Designer forms can then be fed back into FileDirector for storage, on your company’s server or Spielberg cloud storage within the ultra-secure Microsoft Azure cloud network. These forms can be retrieved for later reference at the click of a button, saving your business administration processes both time and money.

If you have a need to create digital forms or manage your document storage, please get in touch with us today to enquire about a bespoke document management solution.

Video Transcription:

People are always busy noting important things on paper. Even five simple lines can be the start of complex data acquisition. We all write down, count and draw all the time. The tools improve, the data volume grows and the processing of the data is changing ever faster. Here everything should remain as simple as a tally. 

The FileDirector form designer is the smart way. There are 5 good reasons for it in the electronic form management system. 

First, with the form designer, forms can be created individually and easily. Where as much as necessary, and as little as possible, the clever tools ensure the functionality of each form. Form follows function!

Second, forms created in Form Designer are available within the entire FileDirector system and what’s more, saved as HTML or pdf files – they are also available to external users and can be further processed in the system. 

Third, the data captured in the form can be processed with all the functions of FileDirector and immediately integrated into defined processes manually or automatically in the business process management.

Fourth, the support of the form designer offers training, tutorials and ensures user comfort.

Fifth, forms created with the form designer are compatible with all current browsers or Apple and Android devices. Pen and paper? That was yesterday. Electronic forms – five times as good with the FileDirector form designer (Spielberg Solutions).