Epson Scanners

Epson produce fantastic document scanners for both business and consumer groups. You may have heard of the popular Epson Perfection scanner range, but did you know Epson scanners also offer a business centred ‘Workforce’ range?

Why Choose Epson Scanners? Epson Scan 2 & Document Capture Pro!

Epson have a long history in the document scanner sector. They have produced fantastic photo scanners for a long time and still do to this day. However, when looking for the perfect all-round document scanner for business, Epson scanners are a fantastic option.

Both Epson Scan 2 and Document Capture Pro are bundled with all new Epson Workforce scanners. These comprehensive scanner software packages allow users to scan, save, edit and retrieve documents in very straightforward and easy steps.

Where many scanner manufacturers provide a range of scanner software suites for different features, Epson Scan 2 and Document Capture Pro offer nearly everything you could need from a document capture software. It is so easy to use and has a user friendly interface.

This makes it the perfect choice for businesses with front of house scanning and administrative scanning departments – such as finance & legal, hospitality or logistics sectors.

Pair Epson Scanners with a Document Management System

If you need to take your document management to the next level, you may need to look beyond an included capture software suite. All Epson scanners will work alongside some of our best document management systems.

FileDirector is a comprehensive document management system with limitless capabilities. Primarily, it allows for the scanning and retrieval of digital documents. Though in reality it offers so much more!

FileDirector can be scaled to match your business size and is available in both FileDirector Cloud and server versions.

Contact us to find out how pairing an Epson scanner with a document management system could improve your business’ record management overnight