Document Scanning Service

The Document Management Group provides a reliable outsourced document scanning service in the UK.

We are, first and foremost, a respected scanning company within the document management industry. Our document scanning service can be tailored to your business requirements.

Whether you have just a few filing cabinets or several containers full of documents, let us do the bulk of your paper scanning. We take a range of paper scanning jobs on, including mixed batch scanning and large format scanning. This allows us to be one of the most versatile document scanning services in the UK, with our range of document sizes going from small receipts, right up to A0 scanning.

Benefits of a document scanning service

Save Money

If your business has a lot of paper scanning requirements, your staff are more than likely spending countless hours searching for crucial information stored on a single document.

We scan documents and return them to you in digital format. Documents are then structured in neat folders and become searchable, using OCR technology.

This saves your business time and money, as documents can be retrieved at the touch of a button.

Save Space

All that space taken up by filing cabinets and drawers? Reduced by our paper scanning service! You can of course choose to keep your original documents, though most businesses prefer them to be destroyed once the digital copies are returned.

We can destroy documents for you so they never need to take up precious space in your office again.

Choose The Document Management Group

Free Initial Consultation

Initial free consultation with your business will help us to understand your needs. Then, we will collect your documentation and prepare it by carefully removing staples & paperclips etc, before scanning and indexing. Documents can be of any size, from business cards and daily documents up to A0 plans and drawings.


Afterwards, your scanned images can be returned in any type of file format (such as TIFF, PDF, JPEG, Word Doc etc). PDF’s are scanned using OCR technology, which means that they become searchable documents and will give your staff an advantage when performing retrieval tasks. Returned documents can be stored in various formats, such as CD, USB memory drive or cloud-based storage.

As an example, a single four-drawer filing cabinet can hold thousands of documents. We can scan all of this and return the information to you on a single CD-rom or 500mb memory device, with all documentation sorted into well structured folders.

Example of a full filing cabinet

Aftercare – Document Management Systems

Our specialist support staff can also provide technical assistance to upload your scanned images and data straight to your document management system or network server.

Once professional document scanning service is complete, we can also provide a comprehensive range of document management software packages. These packages enhance retrieval, using key word searches and can also provide a secure electronic back up for disaster recovery purposes.

Finally The Document Management Group can offer a secure documentation shredding and destruction service as an alternative to the return of your original archival paperwork.

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